The Dojo Norwich

Teaching Traditional Shotokan Karate to the very highest standard.

Supported and guided by our team of qualified professional instructors, we work to provide a safe environment for our students to grow and achieve their full potential in karate‐do. We recognise the importance of having a goal to work towards, and with our class structure, syllabus and examination programme, you will be able to go all the way to your black belt.

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What We Offer

We offer a range of classes available to all levels and ages, taking you all the way from Beginner to Black Belt in our state of the art Dojo.

There’s no better time to start learning Karate.

Tiny Tigers

Tiny Tigers is a fun exercise class incorporating karate techniques with enjoyable games to promote physical and mental skills in a safe, secure environment.


Junior Karate

Junior Karate is designed to promote the defensive, non‐aggressive approach to karate with all the physical and mental benefits of practicing Martial Arts.


Adult Karate

Suitable for Men and Women to acquire traditional karate skills, combining self‐defence with a total body workout. An all‐round activity to develop both physical and mental abilities.


Advanced Karate

ESKA offer specific Brown and Black Belt only classes to give experienced karate students the opportunity to learn more advanced techniques enabling them to continue their development, working towards their black belt and beyond.


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We offer a great range of Karate clothing and equipment at our shop. Browse through our online store or enquire at The Dojo Norwich on 3 Burton Road, Norwich, NR6 6AX.