Ryoku Fitness

Ryoku Fitness is an adult-only (16 years +) circuit class that provides the benefits of strength and conditioning to supplement your current martial arts training or to incorporate as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Ryoku Fitness takes key elements from martial arts, such as punching and kicking, and combining these with strength and conditioning exercises and a friendly, welcoming and encouraging environment to develop strength, power and endurance.

We recognise the importance of setting goals and monitoring your progress to ensure you are meeting them but we also recognise that classes need to remain fun and focused on the movement. Every 4 weeks we track your individual progress as part of the class to ensure self-development remains central to each class.

Class Timetable

Day Time
Tuesday 7:30pm – 8:30pm
Friday 7:00am – 8:00am


Mark (current 1st kyu, aged 52): “The class has a really good energy, with a good mix of strength and endurance exercises. Definitely worked me to my limits, and can feel the benefits after just a few sessions.”

Vicki (never trained Karate before, aged 25): “Ryoku Fitness pushed me in so many ways, more than I thought I was capable. I loved it so much, I cannot wait to go to another class.”

Oliver (former 4th kyu, aged 22): “The class has a huge carryover to my gym-based training. It has re-energised me to push myself in the gym and allows me to work harder for longer.”

Dave (current 1st kyu, aged 45): “Wow three sessions in and I’m already seeing the benefits. Ethan ensures the sessions are upbeat and fun whilst giving continual advice and encouragement. 10/10.”